Custom Book Covers - Custom Book Jackets - Old Maps and Music Design - (Covers only, no books)

$ 72.00

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Do you love old books as much as I do? Could there be anything better than recycled books that match your décor? This order is for a custom set of 4 book covers in the patterns specified in the above photos. This listing is for 4 book covers only, no books are included. (If you'd like vintage books included, please see my other listings.)

Please see the photos for the 4 patterns available. You can choose from the 4 cover designs featured (4 different covers), 4 of the same pattern, or some combination thereof. You tell me the book titles and authors you'd like printed on each cover. Book covers will be sent to you as 20" x 13" sheets. You simply need to cut and fold to fit your particular book size. Generally speaking, the covers fit books 12" across (when open) and 9" high.

The book covers shown are in a warm, neutral color featuring vintage looking maps, music, parchment paper, etc. I can create custom book covers for you in whatever color scheme you'd like. Please convo me if you're interested in a custom order.

This order is for 4 custom book covers books. If you'd like vintage books, those can be included for an additional $10.00 each ($40.00 for 4 books).

Old books still read the same and they don’t need to be ugly. Truly, the best of both worlds!

Thanks for looking and allowing me to combine two of my interests – a love of reading and an appreciation for eye-catching design.

Note: If you prefer new books, I can get those for you as well (price will be higher). Also, please see photos for how books can be personalized for the recipient and gift giver. Convo me for details.